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6 Noteworthy Benefits Of Dance For Teenagers


Dance is a fantastic extra-curricular activity for teenagers to participate in.  While the list of reasons is substantial, for starters, here are 6 noteworthy benefits of dance for teenagers:

One – Dance is an all-around healthy activity.  We all need a little bit more exercise in our lives…teens included.  And when it comes to getting some much-need cardio, dance delivers very nicely.  Plus, dance is also an excellent way to build an all around fit body.


Two – Dance is a great way to meet people with similar interests.  Sometimes the teenage years can be challenging socially, to say the least.  It can be hard to meet new people who teens can really identify with and make lasting connections.  Dance is a great way to connect with a diverse group of other teens who all come together for a similar “cause.”


Three – Dance provides a way to get off the street.  Many teenagers desperately need a place to go and an activity to participate in that is wholesome and can provide a healthy outlet to escape from the challenges and pressures of everyday life as a teen.  The dance studio makes a fantastic escape from harsh realities and helps promote a positive outlook.


Four – Speaking of positive outlook—dance is a great way to help teens develop better self-confidence.  The teen years are a trying time in life…there’s peer pressure and many other things that are at the forefront of concern, day in and day out.  Fortunately, dance provides an excellent dose of self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence through its opportunities for learning and making notable accomplishments.


Five – Activities like dance help teens perform better at school.  Maybe it all connects back to the increase in self-esteem and confidence that extra-curriculars like dance provide for teenagers, or maybe it’s even from the brain stimulation that dance and music are proven to promote.  Either way, the results are attractive—having an activity like dance in their lives very often correlates to achieving better grades in school.


Six – Dance equals discipline.  Learning complicated dance routines and continuing to improve skills and dancing abilities is certainly a challenge.  But the good news is that most kids thrive on challenges like this, especially so when they’re as fun as dance is.  At any rate, dance does have strong connections to building discipline; and without discipline, it is not very easy at all to get to the next level…in dance or in life.


The benefits of dance for teenagers could go on and on.  The bottom line is simple—teens who participate in dance tend to be teens that thrive in life.

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