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Welcome Back, Dancers!

 Dance Academy USA Updates

Welcome Back Dancers!

We are so excited to start a new year with you all in the studio.  A new year, with new students, new music, new shoes:  the potential we see in you all boggles the mind!  We have some suggestions for success the first month of classes.  First, make sure you click here for Dress Code (please note that all Jazz shoes will be TAN slip-ons this year). Everyone wants to be prepared and start off on the right foot (quite literally) from day one. Secondly, click here to view the most current schedule as studio locations have shifted around a bit to accommodate for enrollment.  With this in mind, however, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to classes this week so that you have time to walk around and find your classes.  Please look for our Teacher Assistants in Dance Academy USA attire.  They are there to help you find your classes and answer any questions you might have.

Dress Code – Please click here for specific dress code items for all classes.  A reminder that we have switched Jazz shoes to TAN COLOR!

We also have pink and lavender leotards available for sale in the office for $25 for our Intro to Dance classes.


Ballet Company

The Dance Academy USA Ballet Company (DAUBC)  is initiating its first year.  This group will present a Winter Ballet at the studio, a Spring Program, and also participate in the recitals.  It is directed by Miss Julie aided by Miss BethAnn.  This is a great addition to your regular ballet class, with emphasis on specific protocols for the company, additional ballet technique, and presentation opportunities.  Classes will be held between 5:30 and 7:30 on Friday evenings.  The company will be divided into groups for rehearsals and presentations.  Students will register for one company class, #198, on Fridays.  There is a $150  registration fee for the company.  Dancers must have one full year prior ballet instruction, ages 8 and up.  We will continue to take new members through August 20.  Click here to view and print the DAUBC application.  You may call the office for more information.

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