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DAUBC - Form and Information

Ballet Company

The Dance Academy USA Ballet Company (DAUBC)  is initiating its first year.  This group will present a Winter Ballet at the studio, a Spring Program, and also participate in the recitals.  It is directed by Miss Julie aided by Miss BethAnn.  This is a great addition to your regular ballet class, with emphasis on specific protocols for the company, additional ballet technique, and presentation opportunities.  Classes will be held between 5:30 and 7:30 on Friday evenings.  The company will be divided into groups for rehearsals and presentations.  Students will register for one company class, #198, on Fridays.  There is a $150  registration fee for the company.  Dancers must have one full year prior ballet instruction, ages 8 and up.  We will continue to take new members through August 20.  Click here to view and print the DAUBC application.  You may call the office for more information.

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