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We are all excited for recitals on June 12th, 13th, and 14th at the Santa Clara Convention Center -5001 Great America Parkway, Santa Clara CA 95054.  We hope you have invited your guests and purchased your tickets. Parking is FREE.  Below is information which will make everything go smoothly. Click here for show dates and times.
CHILD CARE ROOMS – All dancers with 1 or 2 numbers in a show should report to one of the Child Care Rooms – Red for the youngest dancers, Green for the middle ages, and Blue for the older dancers.   We have volunteer moms who will stay with the dancers; all dancers are taken to the stage from these rooms.  All dancers stay for the finale at the end of the show.  They will be brought to the stage and parents will pick them up there.  We do not allow parents into the child care room during the show, so enjoy yourself for a couple of hours.  We will provide snacks for the dancers (Goldfish Crackers and Water), so no food or games should be brought by dancers into the rooms.  Dancers are not allowed in the theater; we will have live TV in each room and backstage for the students to watch the show.  We only need a couple more parents for shows 2 and 4.
CALL TIME FOR RECITALS – We start our shows promptly.  Therefore, all dancers should arrive at the Convention Center Theater 45 minutes before the show begins.  They should go directly to the child care rooms or backstage if appropriate.  We open the doors for seating generally 20 minutes before each show.  If you have a toddler who will be sitting on your lap, all strollers need to be left in the lobby.  That is a fire department regulation.
FLOWERS – Flowers to honor your dancer may be purchased at each show.  Our Production Company sells these flowers as a service to all parents.
PICTURES/VIDEO – No pictures or videos are allowed during the recitals, including your phones.  You will be asked to put them away if seen taking pictures.  You may order a video of the entire show from the people at the desk in the theater lobby.
TICKETS – Ticket sales have been turned off and the remaining tickets have been sent to us. They will be available for purchase starting 12:30 pm on Thursday at Dress Rehearsal and Recitals after that. Tickets are $25 and shows 7 and 8 are nearly sold out so make sure you purchase them soon to secure a seat.
RECITAL PICTURES – Pictures taken on May 29th and 30th may be picked up during Dress Rehearsal and at the shows.  Please do so, as we will not be able to mail them to you.
RECITAL DVD – We will have Recital 2015 DVD/Blu-Ray order forms on hand at Rehearsal as well as Recital in case you have’t ordered yours yet.
Click Here to Watch Our Get Pumped for Recital Video:

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