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Dear DAU Parents:

If you have not yet found a dance class to fit your child’s interests/schedule for the fall or are sitting on a waitlist waiting for an open space, we have made a few changes to our original printed schedule that may interest you:

Hip Hop
Monday 3:30 – Pre-Hip Hop (5-7) with Mr. Nathan (New class)
Monday 4:30 – Boys’ Hip Hop (8-12) with Mr. Jerome (5 spots left)
Tuesday 3:30 – Boys’ Hip Hop (6-9) with Mr. Nathan (5 spots left)

Combo classes
Tuesday 10:30 – Mommy and Me (18 months-3 years) with Ms. Jenni (6 spots left)
Thursday 10:30 – Mommy and Me (18 months-3 years) with Ms. Jenni (5 spots left)
Saturday 11:30 – Intro to Dance 2 (4-6) (New class)
Saturday 12:30 – Intro to Dance 1 (4-6) (New class)
Saturday 12:30 – Ballet/Jazz (6-9) with Ms. Joy (New class)

Tuesday 8:00 – Pointe 1 (1/2 hour class) with Ms. Beth Ann (4 spots left)

Tuesday 7:30 – Lyrical 1 (11+) with Ms. Lauren (New class)

We hope that these meet your needs or open up a space to get you off of a waitlist elsewhere. Register here,….

DAU Staff

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