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Jazz Leveling System

New Jazz Leveling System for Level 1’s

You will notice, on our Fall 2015-2016 schedule, and possibly on your leveling cards, that there is a new leveling system for the Jazz Level 1s at Dance Academy USA.  In an effort to better teach our students to their needs and abilities, we have further separated out the beginning level jazz classes.  As always, dancers should register for the classes for which they have been leveled on their card.  In the fall, teachers will re-evaluate the dancers for any movement if needed.  Please see below for a description of the new levels:

Jazz 1 – This is the beginning place for any jazz dancer.  Here they will learn the very basic jazz steps and begin to develop balance, flexibility and transfer of weight required for more intricate steps in the higher levels.  The choreography will be simpler in order to work skills as opposed to memory.  Each dancer will leave this class with a good working vocabulary needed for Jazz 1B.

Jazz 1B – This is the next level class for those dancers who have an understanding of basic jazz vocabulary.  They will spend this year working on mastering the steps they learned in Jazz 1 as well as a pool of new steps (turns, footwork, jumps, etc.).  Every level of dance builds upon these basics and they will be covered every year; it is the level of mastery and fluency that determines level.  A Level 1B can execute a clean single turn on the right foot in the right direction 50% of the time, execute basic vocabulary with a verbal command and no visual prompt, and can memorize and retain basic choreography.  This class is considered an intermediate-beginner class.

Jazz 1C – This class basically replaces what used to be our 1B.  1C dancers will add speed, complexity, flexibility and power moves to the Jazz 1B curriculum.  The 1C dancer will turn on the correct foot in the correct direction 100% of the time, and should have a clean double 75% of the time.  They will have a working interdisciplinary dance vocabulary and will begin fine tuning body placement and technique.  This class is considered an advanced-beginner class.

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