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Recital Costumes Are Still Being Handed Out :-)

We have started to receive recital costume shipments.  We have begun handing them out in class. Once the costumes for a class have come in, we will bring them in to the class and have the kids try them on to check for fit.  If there is a sizing issue, the office will handle the exchange.  If everything fits, then your child will take his/her costume home.  Please make sure you check with your child so that the costume doesn’t end up in the dance bag for the next two months.  Once you get the costume home, please hang it in a safe place with all of the pieces (use a gallon-sized Ziplock for accessories/hats/gloves) together.  It should not be played with or worn until Recital Pictures May 29-30th and then again come Recital weekend.  After those events, your dancer can wear it everyday? (You’re welcome!)

Please don’t be alarmed if your dancer does not get his/her costume right away.  Every company is on a different shipping schedule and only once company has shipped just yet.  They will continue to come in through May.

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