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Dance Academy USA – The Leader in Dance Education in Silicon Valley for 25 Years!

CURRENT STUDENTS: you will be given a courtesy running start at registering for 2015-2016 dance classes.

NEW STUDENTS: call today to be placed our First Round New Student Notification List.

Dance Academy USA (DAU) offers the largest variety of dance lessons and staff under one roof in Northern California.  Registration for our 2015-2016 Dance Year will begin soon.  If you are new to DAU or new to dance – call or email us today – and we will include you on our First Round New Student Notification List – and let you know when it’s time to register for dance classes.  It’s no secret that Dance Academy USA is the most popular dance school in Silicon Valley; as such, a large portion of our classes fill within the first few weeks.  Don’t miss your chance to find that perfect class for your son or daughter.  Call or email us today.  408-257-3211 or



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