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Leveling Process-

We have begun the leveling process in our classes. This process will continue through the end of the month. There are several reasons for this process. One, it lets us know how our dancers are doing in their classes and gives us an idea of how much curriculum they are covering and how sound their technique is. Secondly, it gives us an idea how many classes of each level in each discipline we need for our fall schedule. And it is the opportunity for the director to give feedback on where your dancer’s teacher has placed them for their fall classes.

How can you help your dancer in this process? Please make sure that they are in class, on time, and in their proper attire. This process is done in a very casual manner so that the dancers are not nervous, but there may be some apprehension about it. Please reassure them that they are not being “graded” or judged. This is not like school where you are automatically promoted every year. And if you are held in a level, it certainly is not a failure. We have several years of curriculum at every level. Some dancers learn all of this in two years, some take four. We want every dancer to be successful, and we strive to place them all at a level that will suit their needs.

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