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7 Good Reasons to Take Dance Classes

  • Dance education aids the development of overall body awareness. Students learn to fully appreciate their own bodies and how remarkably capable they are.
  • Dance education offers kids alternatives for self-expression and communication. Children learn to communicate and share their thoughts and feelings through their experiences. Creative movement is another outlet for effective interpersonal and intra-personal expression.
  • Dance, in numerous forms and representations, has been an important part of history in all types of cultures and time frames. Learning dances from other cultures helps kids develop an early appreciation and respect for them.
  • Dance teaches and encourages the values and skills of creativity, problem solving and risk-taking.
  • Creative Movement encourages analytical thinking. Learning to participate in dance movement, as well as an observer aids in developing upper-level critical thinking skills.
  • There are many jobs and performance opportunities related to the art of dance. Learning about those opportunities at a young age helps prepare students for possible future career paths.
  • Dance is a healthy form of exercise. Learning to dance encourages an active lifestyle from a young age. Students develop physical fitness, positive body image and effective stress management.

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