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Paul Taylor

An American choreographer of the 20th century, Paul Taylor is considered by many to be the greatest living choreographer.

Early Life of Paul Taylor:

Paul Taylor was born in 1930 in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania. He experienced a lonely childhood, as he was often separated from his parents. He attended Syracuse University, where he had received scholarships for both swimming and painting, but soon decided to take up dancing at the Juilliard School and the American Dance Festival at Connecticut College. In 1952, he won a scholarship to the American Dance Festival. He caught the eye of Martha Graham, who invited him to join the Martha Graham Dance Company. He also danced for several other great modern choreographers, including Merce Cunningham and George Balanchine.

The Paul Taylor Dance Company:

In 1954, Paul Taylor founded his own dance company. The Paul Taylor Dance Company has a long and distinguished history, having performed in more than 500 cities in 62 countries. Still today, the company spends much of the performance season touring in American cities. Many famous dancers have emerged from the company including Twyla Tharp, Laura Dean and Dan Wagoner. Taylor has choreographed more than 90 dances for his company.

Dance Expression of Paul Taylor:

To distinguish his choreography, Paul Taylor incorporates everyday gestures rather than dance moves. Through his body language, he is able to convey his emotions and imagination. Taylor’s masterpieces are known for their wit, warmth, musicality, and excitement. His works tend to be about people, focusing on their feelings and individual interactions with others. One of his most famous works, “Esplanade,” is set to music by Johann Sebastian Bach. Taylor choreographed the famous piece upon receiving a contribution from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Paul Taylor Continues to Inspire:

Paul Taylor wrapped up his years of performing during the 1970s. His contributions to modern dance remain immeasurable. Now approaching his 80s, Taylor continues to inspire people and dancers throughout the world. Although he no longer dances himself, Taylor remains devoted to directing his company and teaching others the beauty and rigors of dance.


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