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Recital Costume Update

Recital will take place the weekend of June 12th-14th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. All families should have received an email Tuesday evening with a costume worksheet and picture of recital costume.  Please contact the office if you did not receive this.  Remember that DAU will be ordering all of the recital costumes this year.


There is a link included in the costume worksheet for you to order your tights and shoes if needed.  Students will wear dress code shoes (please see website for color and styles).  Discount Dance is located in Los Angeles and ships quickly so accessories can be ordered after the first of the year.


  • Hip Hop students do not need to worry about a costume at this point, Hip Hop t-shirts will be ordered sometime after the first of the year (bottoms usually are jeans, basketball shorts, or sweatpants- the teacher will make this decision and let students know as well as the office so that we can send out an email with further instructions).
  • Leaps and Turns and any other Technique classes will not be participating in recital.
  • Adult classes – no costume to be ordered, the teacher will discuss with you in class.
  • Boy’s Costumes – unless a boy’s costume is indicated on a costume worksheet your teacher will notify you of what they should wear for recital.  It is usually black pants and a some kind of colored shirt to match costume.

Accounts will be charged on Saturday, November 15th for costumes.

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