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The Nicholas Brothers

Famous Tappers:
The Nicholas Brothers
By: Abby B.

My favorite tappers are Fayard and Harold Nicholas, known as The Nicholas Brothers. They were famous tappers in the early 1900’s. The Nicholas Brothers made a big mark in African American history.

I like The Nicholas Brothers because of their energy and enthusiasm. The Nicholas Brothers were always smiling and showing how much they love dance and each other. They could do flips, cartwheels, and all kinds of acrobatics. Always, The Nicholas Brothers were open minded, creative and cheerful.

When I was learning about The Nicholas Brothers. I noticed how they used so much power in their legs. Now, in tap, I finally see (and hear) why it is so important to be loud and use power in your feet. Using power makes you look good and sound good. Why I chose to do an essay on The Nicholas Brothers is because I found it amazing how they could use their feet to be so fast and elegant.

The Nicholas Brothers make me happy. I love the style they use. The Nicholas Brothers are amazing. That is why they are my favorite tap dancers.

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