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Dance Benefit: Anyone Can Do It!

“The nice thing about dance is that it’s inclusive,” Comana says. “Exercise is not inclusive, some people feel like they don’t have the skill set and they’re embarrassed … I think anyone can just start to dance and enjoy the experience.”

Nervous about dancing in front of people? Start out in your own living room, moving to a song you just can’t resist.

“There is a dancer in all of us,” Mallett says, “and when we move our body to the music we naturally smile and want to keep moving.”

And don’t let two left feet keep you from joining in on the fun.

“Don’t get intimidated because you feel like you’re not a good dancer. Who cares?” Mallett says. “It’s about you moving your body in your way not like the rest of the people in the class. Zone out and focus on how great you feel and that no one is judging your abilities.”

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