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Classical Girl’s tips on how to eat like a dancer, or like an athlete, or just eat like a person on a healthy diet.

  • Make every calorie count. Eat tasty things that also happen to have good nutrition, like coarse breads or nutty breads, salads with chunks of fresh veggies.
  • Exercise. Lots. It makes meals taste so much better.
  • Enjoy everything you eat. If it’s caloric and you love it, enjoy! If it’s caloric and you’re not enjoying it, dump it in the trash.
  • Graze on nuts between meals, especially ones you have to shell, like pistachios and peanuts. You won’t eat too many that way. And toss out the Doritos and Fritos (but save the potato chips for a luxurious one-ounce portion the next time you need, really need them to go with your sandwich).
  • Be bad from time to time. Weirdly, this preserves a long-term diet better than anything. Measure out the bad stuff, eat a small serving of it. Enjoy the hell out of it. But don’t go back for seconds. And never be bad more than two days in a row – the scale will be cruel.
  • Eat lots of fruit. Pre-cut it in the morning. A sliced apple will be eaten when a whole one can be easily deferred. Ditto an orange that’s already been peeled. And how many of you have kept a cantaloupe in the fridge for two weeks because you just can’t get around to cutting it open and slicing it up? I’ve had them go bad on me in that way.
  • Be good to yourself when things get tough. Recognize when you’re eating for the joy of it, versus eating out of nervousness or boredom or even self-hate. In the latter two, be compassionate, observe it, and walk away from the kitchen.
  • Celebrate a good life through good food.

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