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People now lead a life under constant work pressure and tensions from family, friends and the world. They have to meet their deadlines this makes them forget about everything. This can be reason of poor health. People when realize that they need to take care of their But only few forms are also helping them to be cheerful and happy. One such form which helps you stay happy, cheerful and healthy is dance.

Dancing is one of the ways which can really brighten people’s monotonous lives. It can really benefit people in their health, emotional and mental levels. When someone chooses to start a form of exercising they rarely consider the fun level it includes. But one thing that is important to consider is if you will enjoy doing something then the result of that thing will be far better and effective.

Dancing is enjoyed by everyone. Notice a person while he/she is dancing. He/she has a big smile on his/her face. Smiling and laughing while dancing is absolutely natural. This is because it allows you to enjoy. There is no age barrier in dancing unlike other forms of exercising. A person of any age can dance and enjoy its benefits on health.

Benefits of Dance on Health

1. It gives strength to the lung and the heart.

2. It strengthens the body muscles.

3. It minimizes the chances of the disease osteoporoses as it makes the bones stronger.

4. It increases the flexibility, agility and the coordination in the body.

5. It increases the awareness of spatial.

6. It enhances physical confidence.

7. It enhances the functionality of mind and the nervous system.

8. It enhances the expenditure of energy and its flow in the body.

9. It can help you loose weight.

10. It enhances the overall well being.

11. It increases the levels of self-esteem and confidence.

12. It improves your social outlook.

There are many forms of dancing. Jazz, salsa, Cuban salsa, hip-hop, ballet, contemporary are the various forms of dance. Every dance form is equally beneficial. All the types of dancing provide the ways in which one can gain a healthy life. Dancing can help us in many ways. All the dancing forms are equally effective. The only thing is you have to decide which dance form you would like to take up.

All the dancers follow a strict diet routine for staying in shape and maintaining their health. A strict routine is required because to maintain the energy levels and also to fulfill body’s requirements. The perfect balanced diet for serious dancers to maintain their health should include right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins and fluids.

1. The diet of the dancer should include carbohydrates up to 50-60%. Their diet should have high amount of cereals, pasta, potatoes etc to fulfill carbohydrates intake.

2. Proteins are very essential part of a dancer’s diet. It includes 12-15% of the diet.

3. Diet which does not involve adequate amount of fats impairs the body’ function. Hence dancers should include required amount of fat. Fat should include about 20-30% fat in the food.

4. Vitamins and minerals are also important for the perfect diet.

5. Fluids are important as they regulate various body mechanisms. Water is required in large amounts so that the body does not get dehydrate.

Dance movement therapy is used in India for healing the victims of rape, trafficking, slavery, HIV aids and other such ill means. Dance is a very effective cardiovascular exercise. It can help you in losing those extra kilos. One should keep in mind that before starting dancing one should always warm up first. Warming up is very necessary as it stretches the body muscles and it reduces the chances of getting pains or cramps.

All those dancing therapies which are used today to heal people uses the very ancient properties of this form in curing many boy problems. The basic idea behind this healing and dancing is that this therapy involves the feelings of freedom. It allows the person in feeling the sensations of freedom and emotions. It really helps the patient in redeeming his/her senses and getting rid of stress and depression he/she has been suffering from years…

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