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Three new classes coming to DAU this Fall!


Ballet Burn

Every wonder why dancers have such beautiful bodies?  Between the strength moves of jumps and balances and the long stretching moves of an arabesque, develope or a penche, we develop the long and lean muscle mass that is desired by models, actresses, and everyday women alike.

Join us in our Ballet Burn class where we will focus on core/quad/hamstring and turnout seat muscles. We will borrow from Barre workouts and add in yoga for flexibility/cool down, feet/calf exercises, and some arm work like pushups because we don’t get enough of that as dancers.


Lyrical Jazz

This is a jazz class that leans toward a lyrical style.  It will cover some basic lyrical technique but dancers should expect to mostly learn jazz.  Neither a previous year of ballet nor a concurrent ballet class are required for this class.  It is an excellent introduction to the lyrical discipline for a beginning dancer.


Mommy and Me

This 45 minute class is an excellent opportunity for Mommy and dancer (ages 18 months- 3+ years) to play and dance together and have fun.  We will be exploring basic creative movement and learning some basic dance vocabulary.  This is a wonderful introduction to a classroom environment with mom there to help dancers feel safe.  It is also a great place for young dancers who are not ready to be in a classroom alone without mom yet.  This class will not participate in recital as we find our moms can be shy and the dancers are not quite ready to step out into the spotlight alone.

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