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DAU holds an annual Dance Recital for all it’s dancers! Each class will be performing a fantastic dance routine choreographed by their amazing teachers!

Where: This year we are moving the shows back to the The Santa Clara Convention Center, across the street from Great America. It serves as one of the largest meeting and convention facilities in Silicon Valley. Our shows do sell out so please make sure you pay close attention to ticket sale dates when they become available.

When: Save the Dates!! Rehearsals are June 11th and 12th and the dance recital show dates are June 12-15th at the Santa Clara Convention Center. Your dancer’s performance will be on one of these selected dates at a specific time. The DAU dancers are always so excited for this wonderful opportunity to perform for their family and friends!


Does my child need a costume? Yes. Each teacher will be selecting a costume for each class that will need to be purchased by every child participating in the recital. Information regarding costumes will be coming out in the November newsletter; costume orders should be placed by December 15. Costumes average between $60 – $100. Don’t forget – the longer you wait to purchase your costume the higher the price will be.

Be an early bird and save!

Costume Manager

This has important information on ordering the costume & a video on how to measure your child.

Hip Hop Dancers:  you need to purchase a Hip Hop T-Shirt rather than a costume for recital.

Please Click Here for the Hip Hop T-Shirt Order Form

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