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What is the one thing I can do overall to improve as a dancer?

Take a ballet class. Why? Core strength & control matters.  Highly developed dancers have control over even the smallest muscles and superior strength in their core region. What is the core?  It is loosely defined as the lower back, pelvis, diaphragm and abdominal walls – but most would agree the core area extends all the way from upper thigh to slightly above the sternum including the hips, backside, etc.  All movement originates first at the core level; ballistic movement necessary for dance and sports is difficult without a strong core.  Dance training, in general, focuses on core, but Ballet is laser-focused on its development.  Remember the old saying: Practice Builds Skills – Skills Build Confidence – and Confidence builds Passion.  Even you Hip Hoppers out there will bring your game to a whole new level with some ballet training.


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