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Dear DAU Families,


Approximately 80 classes are full at this time.  In addition, our Level I classes are extraordinarily popular this year; we know this has become challenging for many of our students/families.  The team is meeting tomorrow to create more opportunities for our Level I dancers in all genres, Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Combo, Lyrical, Hip Hop, etc.  Please keep double checking the schedule on a regular basis for changes.

Very important – we have obviously moved the business to online bill pay starting 2013-2014 season.  When registering for a class, the computer will automatically drop a dancer from class(es) if:  1) The process is not fully completed in terms of “check out” (which is innocently happening a fair amount of time) or  2) The billing information is not completed.  We have been calling all accounts religiously that need our attention.  In the event you have not yet registered for fall classes, please complete the registration process in its entirety and the billing information as well.  We are only a phone call away if you need assistance.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to work with your children!


The DAU Staff!
2013 National Dance Educator of the Year

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